Masters 2018 – Check These Cool Stuff for Man Cave

With the Masters 2018 commencing, many golf fans want to have everything they need to feel the hype. You might be a golfer and you have a man cave at your place. We are sure that you have been having fun doing your activities.

Your sanctuary may or may not be complete right now. If you think that you are missing a thing or two, then you will realize that you need to add a unique piece of Masters merch to your room. When you add the Masters merch in your room, your sanctuary will be the heaven of yours. You won’t look for other places for your sanctuary anymore.

Masters merch

So, what are you going to find in the Masters shop? Here is the list. Be ready to be wowed.


The Masters Golf Shop is indeed an incredible store. There are tons of items that you can get as you are the fan of golf. If you are looking for something unique, you can’t go wrong with the gnome. Don’t get it wrong. It is not a small statue that you usually put on the side table. It is a big one, standing at about one ft high and 1/2 ft wide.

Needlepoint coasters

The coasters are something that you won’t miss. You will have two types options: ones with Masters logo, and another one with Augusta’s clubhouse. Take your time to choose because both are awesome.


The Masters mugs are what you need to sip a deli beverage while you enjoy your favorite show. Some folks have their own for years. If you don’t have one, it is your turn now. This year provides the classic white and green mugs as well as the Masters logos on it. For $15, it is a pretty good investment for years.

House Flag

Need some identification in your man cave? Just like when building the castle, you will really need the House Flag. The house flag is about four ft high and two ft wide. Its color is dominantly white and has the cool text saying “MASTERS TOURNAMENT, EST 1934, AUGUSTA, GA”. cool, isn’t it? If you need to proclaim your interest, there is nothing better than the House Flag for the man cave. It costs around $45. The banner will show off your interest. You will really make others envy when visiting your sanctuary.

Metal Signs

It costs around $35. The Metal signs really do a great job to add some Masters elements to your man cave or sanctuary. The metal signs come in different shapes so that you can come across one that will be matching with your room. These signs are an affordable way to adds the sparks of Masters to your room.

Champions Glasses

The Master’s shop sells this in the set of two. The good thing here is that you only need to spend eighteen bucks. You can place these glasses below your metal signs or on your end table. The glasses list all the previous Masters champions. That makes a great one to hang on with your friends and fellows.

Wooden signs

The wooden signs are something you need to decorate your room for a long time. It is well-designed and structured signs that you need to convey your love to the Masters. They will be around forever, thanks to the sturdy and strong design. The unique design of the wooden signs is eternal. There will be no word “2018” because it is designed for anytime. It will never be outdated. To get such wooden sign, you need to spare around forty-five to four hundred bucks.

Knit throw blanket

The knit blanket is something that you need to get convenient as well as close to the Masters. The Golf Shop really nails the product. The item is substantial and well-designed. It has Masters logo on it which color is yellow. However, the prominent color of this knit blanket is mostly green. For $129, you could take one from the Masters Golf Shop. Keep in mind that it is only one of the marvelous products that you can get from the Masters Golf Shop. You can always look at others to consider.

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